Good Article on Indian BB Scenario

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i agree wid u Sushubh, Airtel Rox's 😛Dude get ur plan changed man, ur wasting money 😀 pm me if u want more details 😉
Originally posted by WiZaRd@Oct 25 2005, 12:09 PM
I think the problem is with we indians(in general) :
1. We r always happy with watever we can lay our hands on.
2. We always go for the cheapest available without considering the other aspects.
3. I don't know maybe u guys can add some

Until we stand up n demand things nothing is gonna change 🙁
All the ISP's are taking us for a ride with their capped plans or restricted badwith.
We need more articles like this in the daily's which brings out the real scenario of the broadband situation in India.
P.S : I'm forwarding this aritcle too my current ISP Airtel 😉
I am an Indian and I am NOT satisfied with whatever I can lay my hands on. Infact I have had several arguments with many ISPs regarding the bandwidth, cost and the stupid port blocking! :angry: I don't know how to "wake up" the people. I dont know how to throw dirt on these stupid ISPs 🙁 We need to somehow "expose" their dirty tactics. If someone can help me get inside information like the cost of bandwidth these ISPs are paying (VSNL, Reliance, TATA and other major international backbone providers) we can possibly convince TOI or The Hindu to publish an article dealing with the issue WITH facts and figures. People are always impressed by facts and figures. May be we can help show how much really these ISPs are ripping us off... 😀
Hey Max, if you do get the info you talked of - I'll help in any way I can. I was never satisfied from the very start with ANY isp. I strongly agree with every single word you wrote above. And I definitely dont go for the cheapest isp/package. I know what I want but its not available....I want 90 GB of data transfer a month with the computer not running for more than 15 hours a day. By the way, the PM feature seems to only work for people with more than 50 posts....we're getting there 🙂
@vebmetal I dont know any vip head honcho in pacenet, otherwise I would personally go over and stick this article down his throat. 🙁Someone on this board must know a reporter with TOI! If you are this someone, please come forward and we will frame an article for the newspaper!!!!!!!
I will try to find out the technical details of how these ISPs operate. May be we can use the right to information act to get them to reveal the actual costs they incurr as opposed to the costs they recover from us...

good idea Max, if you have the time go for it! Not too much time here, because you know how they make people in this country slave at their jobs for 12+ hours. Keep us all updated on the info!!
Originally posted by blr_p@Oct 24 2005, 10:12 AM
Then again u ppl in Delhi are all hotheads, would be harder to get the cooler, easier going Kannadigas to do the same.

Dont u remember a revolt by the "coolheaded" kannadigas on bannerghatta road(IIMB)
for improving the road conditions
Oh there is also the heads of Infosys, Wipro et's still ongoingi got the impression something "actually" happened re : the situaiton in delhi.
Good article. Question is, is this article actually posted on the newspaper or was it only online? People need to know about the internet and though the conception is that indian people are smarter than their western counterparts, it seems it's the same really. They are not educated enough on what to get and what is best. 🙂