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Hi can someone suggest a good quality webcam,that is available under the given budget, I did google and found Logitech 920 and similar Logitech, they used to be available here around 5000 INR, unfortunately, due to to rampant corona profiteering they are now selling that 5000 INR for 20000+ INR, online.(amzn price)

So any good reliable and trustable brands which are not over price or online shop where they might be cheap? ( MS budget Lifecam are seemingly on fire too)
920 is not compatible with hello. Have it.
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Hello compatibility is not desired, just a good quality picture and support for most apps ,like give a direct video output stream to the apps without any fuzz.(reliable driver support)

It Should support Win7 and Win10.

How much did 920 cost you?

As said earlier I could buy a DSLR at online prices(20-25k), and unfortunatley, all IT Shops are out of stock since China BAN/Corona stuff, nobody has webcam except one shop(non-branded), even HP laptops are not available 🙁
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friend was coming from states few years ago. i was browsing on Amazon. saw it at a pretty cheap price (half the price of a basic model). ordered it. i think it cost me around 45 dollars at the time.
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haha. i mean i can send it to you for a few months no problems. but selling it is a problem because as you see, finding a replacement is very hard. friend took my mi ihealth digital thermometer and now i am stuck without one because getting it through AliExpress is turning out to be an expensive risky affair.

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Hey, thanks.

How much would you charge for lease?
I can comfortably go for $2-3/month + Shipping on me(up and down)
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A friend of mine bought C270 for about 1.2K from Reliance Digital last month. He got it delivered to me as they weren't delivering it to Ghaziabad. I used it and found it to be decent for a 720p/30fps webcam. Now the same is listed for 2K. I would suggest you to get whatever is available at this point of time.
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If you need it at urgent basis. You can use any android phone as a webcam, quality will be great. The prices seem to be messed up on all online sites. You can try some offline shops if possible
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