Good things don't last forever

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first of all .. hey people.. i'm back here after a long time.. am having my final exams so time is very scarce..well.. when i said that i was among the few people that were satisfied with sify.. it was because i had *NEVER* faced the 70 mb per day limit. i dl more than 500 mb everyday and have never faced any problem .. until today... :angry: i was downloading happily @15kbps yesterday and today it's down to ***8 kbps*** damn those fu**ing b**tards at sify.. i went to BSNL's office and the lady over there told me to fill up a form so that i could get free BSNL broadband for one month when it is launched.. am seriously considering it.. my connection was working fine till abt one week ago.. and now suddenly all p2p apps are not working.. bittorrent isn't working either and i'm getting dl speeds of 8 kbpsp.s. i finally got myself a new keyboard 🙂
yup torrents are download in the chandigarh area after they installed some 'firewalls' to stop viruses.and yeah 2 nights in a row i got 7-8KBps instead of regular 15-16KBps.happy to be on Airtel Broadband finally. is true...I thought i was lucky enough that i don't face any problems faced by others in the i get 64kbps only...
Good Sushubh..I have a friend here in chennai who uses Airtel broadband and happy with it...But airtel is not available im my area 🙁..only option left was sify...

Can you please ping a few IP's ? if its fast and good enough , i want to change also ... Sify sux!
They put download limits on the night packs also huh.That's ridiculous considering the night packs work for only 12 hours. Surely they can let you have unlimited downloads for a limited time?! What kind of "Downloader's" pack is the night time pack then!
on airtel, i have😛inged external siteskazaalitetorrentsircanything else to test... ask 🙂
:blink: whoa when did you move to chennai!! and then to gurgaon??airtel sounds better than sify but isn't it expensive @ 1250 bucksanyway i think this kinda thing isn't gonna go on for much longer now that competition is hotting up.. i've heard that sify plan to offer an u/l 128 k pack with NO restrictions in the next planned overhaul of sify bb
i did not move to chennai 😛 just to gurgaon. and well its not that expensive considering i get a phoneline and great service. and well rates will drop down once bsnl and mtnl enter market. and yeah... if u missed reading older post...sify is offering a 24x7 128kbps package with no limit for 600-700 bucks but its only available in mumbai atm. so it should be available soon in chandigarh and delhi.
i hope they launch it soon..but hey abou this dl limit thing? will my connection resume working at the normal speed after i have renewed again?and also, what became of that lawsuit against sify?
>>> ircDid I hear it right ? I remember someone (probably Susubh !) telling that Airtel blocks IRC. I would never switch to an ISP that blocks IRC>> anything else to test... ask smile.gifNNTP ?>> f**king @$$holes at chennaiCheers ! It is great to hear someone who shares my opinion 🙂Actually, I am not that unhappy. I download an average of 1 GB a week. For torrents, I regularly get 6-10 KBps. Anyway, I am more in this for random browsing and IRC than downloading stuff 🙂
yup. 3 seperate guys told me that. infact tech-arena had a post on it too. but i guess they released it after a day or two. funny yesterday one guy from this forum told me that sify in his area blocked port 6667. so there you go.