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right. the phones do not have a pedometer i guess so it relies on gps.
qualcomm processors do have step counter sensor built right into the SoC.

and that sensor is present in RN3. So thats why im asking whether google fit actually counts steps from that sensor or that is just ignored
those rings look suspiciously close to Apple watches' activity rings 😛

my fucking fitbit doesnt sync to google fit. thinking of ditching fitbit for amazefit bip which syncs to mifit(which syncs to google fit)

I wrote to fitbit and they said ask google . I wrote to google and they said ask fitbit (this was 2 years ago btw. still no sync between the two)
It worked yesterday 😀 but didnt sync today morning. it said wait for few hours and try again. tried it just now and it synced 🙂
I mean it syncs all historic data right? So it should not matter if it does it instantly or daily?