Google One Updates

anyhow. i am in as well. if someone else is comfortable with handling the parent account. would even join before january if we can form a group.

there is value in making a family group with mom's and dad's phone but they are not going to use the storage features so makes little sense for just the apps.

i would really like to have 100GB buffer on Drive for temporary cloud storage for file sharing. which i would lose in january.
ok. we are a group of two planning to go for the 2tb plan. would probably pay for one full year. anyone want to join might ping me. costing would come to around 200 bucks per month for 650GB per month. of course from what i have read, sharing cannot be fixed so it would remain available as long as no one else is using it so there's that.
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We know Local Guides love Google perks, and here's a new one for top contributors: a free Google One membership for 6 months! You'll get 100GB of storage to use across Drive, Gmail, and Photos, access to experts for help with our products and services, and extra benefits across Google. Plus, you can share the membership with up to 5 additional family members.
Redeem with your unique link before December 28, 2018

For new users only. Users with existing Google Drive paid storage plans are not eligible for this offer.
typical google nonsense.

Google One does not show the status of my drive upgrades. i cannot locate any place where i can check when my chromebook upgrade is expiring so that i can plan on what to do once it is expired.
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