Government could announce a charge on withdrawing 5000+ rupees from ATM

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Airtel I need to pay to get access to my money now 🤦‍♂️
Soon Banks will put some rule saying you can't do more than X transaction in saving account per month please open current account which won't get any interest
i believe this is what is called a transaction tax.

this has been suggested several times. by swamy or jaitley. at one point of time iirc, it was suggested as a replacement for income tax.

but of course, under current administration we might end up having this tax ALONG WITH income tax.
So, they want longer queues at the bank teller?
When the f**k will they start not thinking from their knees?
ATMs are to reduce the crowd in the branches.
Yup reduce crowd in branches, reduce staff, reduce costs, increase efficiency was the buzz words used during the introduction of atm's. Then they started charging on the pretext of maintenance. Later they outsourced ATM's filling then ATM's themselves. I guess they have given up on such pretenses.