Graphic design monitor around 20K

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Someone I know is in graphic design work specifically for print/news-paper advertisement design work, their recent workhorse has died so they need a new monitor as soon as possible on a tight budget constraint:

Specs Required(in order of priority):
24 inch (HD)
Prefer better Adobe RGB colour accuracy as they are in print work.
Static Contrast Ratio: 500:1 or 1000:1
Light Intensity: 300-350cd/m^2
Surface Type : Matte (No Glossy surface as it reflect a lot in his small office)

Lastly, should be easily available in INDIA, he is very risk averse to Online imports.
No graphic designers here?
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What I am suggesting is a 4K monitor BenQ EL2870U which is quite good IMO. It doesnt match all your required specs but offers decent performance.
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I've a Dell 23 inch LED-Lit Monitor (P2319H). I use it for photo editing and basic graphic designing.

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+1 for Dell P2419H looks good enought. The build quality is solid. Although I don't do graphic design but for gaming and day to day programming usage the screen looks great
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His system old enough to not to be able to do 4K and neither he don't need it eitherway.

ProArt is way out of his budget(otherwise I would have recommended him Eizo ones)

@FujiwaraTofu Between the two you have just one at near 12 K and other at 19K, what's better if we remove all the other frills like usb, Audio ports,etc.. and just VGA port is enough

Also if I dilute down on light intensity condition, are they nearly equivalent?

btw why Amazon say display technology is LCD and not Wide Angle and for other some 3H coating thing?
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