Great News - Bsnl enabled IPv6.

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I think I can ssh into ONT, any command to manually ask the ONT to redo the PPPoE stuff and fetch the MAC?
if you do please tell me how to i too want to check
So everyone seems to be jumping to IPv6, but none would answer why.. May be we really don't know why 😂

I tried the same, connectivity was shittier.. May be it was just that these local copy routers don't implement it well..
Or may be
BSNL just sucks
@ginzon BSNL's IPv6 routing is worse than IPv4 from what I have read.

And BSNL was already offering public IPv4 addresses for everyone so it's not as big of a deal as going from cgnat-ed IPv4 to public IPv6. (Atleast in the use cases I have anyway).
Yeah even happened for me on the Ericsson BNG until BSNL changed it .Now I dont have any connectivity on IPv6(No false hopes now)
. I would get 1/4 speeds when I switched to IPv6. And any day I would choose IPv4 as long as its public. It makes typing the address easy everywhere😉
Duh! BSNL Pune finally enabled IPv6 on my FTTH nearly 11 months after the deadline expired. 🙄

After several hours of outage at nigh. Started getting ipv6 today but non of the device getting ipv6. Any help?
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