Greedy telco/isp bosses

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Tata Play 1 gbps, Microscan 500 mbps and PDPL 300 mbps.

there's been some news bits here n there recently about telcos/ISPs wanting to charge extra for "tiered" or "guaranteed" bandwidth.

Google's playing the nice-guy here also (again), said they and consumers shouldn't pay more since they're already paying the monthly subscription charges 🙂

so, yes, the greedy telco bosses aren't just from Airtel, Tata/VSNL, Reliance, BSNL/MTNL etc., they're all over the place apparently!
yeah. its funny that these companies want google to pay them for high usage of google services by their users! google has made it easier for consumers to find bliss on the net, which let them spend more time on the net helping the ISPs. instead, google should be charging the ISPs for making them earn more from the consumers.
yep! its so funny, it makes me cry 🙂
Google wont take on M$ with Linux. Linux cannot seriously challenge lest there are drivers available for all sorts of hw. But what google may do is build a Linux OS on a standard hardware like what Apple does. Google is already beating the crap out of M$ on its own platform 😉

from my experience, linux has a better consumption for hardware than windows. not talking about scanners or printers. the stuff inside the computer for me always got detected perfectly by required me to install a driver for my tv tuner card. and i need to install an application to use it. linux installed the drivers and had an internal player capable of letting me play video.mine could be an unusual experience, but linux definitetly suck at hardware support as some people would make it sound like.
Even I have had no issues absolutely with drivers in just perfectly
Originally posted by Sushubh@Feb 1 2006, 09:27 PM
the stuff inside the computer for me always got detected perfectly by linux.[snapback]41078[/snapback]
[/quote]Depends on the distro you choose.
Some totally suck, some are bliss...