Guide : Force Specific WiFi Channel on 777VR1 Modem (Dragon Path Technologies)

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As all of you know that, Airtel doesn't allow wifi channel selection on their Modems and Routers. I found a workaround for it.

This guide is for advance users although simple users can do it, if followed exactly. You will need a PC or Termux on Android to achieve this.

I am not responsible for any damages. Do it on your own risk.

Screenshots are provided to easy the process.

Follow the steps as follows:

1. Login to your 777VR1 using your router's IP ( and credentials.

2. Navigate to Advanced > Others > Telnet. (Check Screenshot)

Screenshot_2020-09-29 Router.webp

3. Enable Telnet.

4. Navigate to Firewall > ACL

5. "White list" LAN ACL Mode.

Screenshot_2020-09-29 Router(1).webp

Note : Make sure "Direction LAN Service Telnet Port 23" is under the Current ACL Table.

Now you can logout of your Modem.

Time to grab a PC or Android Phone

Note: You will need to turn on Telnet if you're on Windows. Google Search, its easy.

6. Open Command Prompt or Termux, and type codes in exact order.

7. type telnet, hit enter

8. type open or your Modem's IP, hit enter

9. Enter Username of your Modem, hit enter

10. Enter Password of your Modem, yes, its invisible, just type your password and hit enter.

Now you will see "$" in your Command Prompt, this means we are logged in successfully.

11. type sh,hit enter


Now you will see "#" in your Command Prompt, this means, we are on correct track.

12. type config wlan channel 13, Change "13" with your desired WiFi Channel, use values 1-11 only.


13. type restart, hit enter

Modem will now restart

Now you can close Command Prompt.

Modem will be locked to your desired WiFi Channel
Update: 30 September 2020

1. You can choose between 1-13, if your modem's country is selected as India. Don't select Channel 14, as your devices will not accept Channel 14 WiFi due to Geo-restrictions.

2. Don't use WiFi Smart Optimization from Airtel Xstream Fiber App, it will reset WiFi Channel to Auto mode. Then you will have to repeat all the steps to manually set channel, again. This due to Airtel's CWMP ACS protocol which sends settings from their servers.
after doing this prosscess when iam trying to login it is saying session limt