Gurgaon Buses to use Bio-Diesel from June

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After Delhi’s move to CNG, it is the turn of neighboring city of Gurgaon to adopt a nature friendly fuel for their public transportation. The latest news in is that the buses in Gurgaon would switchover to a hybrid fuel consisting of diesel mixed with bio-diesel. This would make Gurgaon Buses the first one in the nation to use Bio Fuel.

This decision was taken after the authorities undertook a trial run on 20 buses. They look after this project for around a year and noticed that the smoke emissions have reduced by using the advanced fuel. In addition, the buses also showed improved mileage.

WB was one of the early venues of pilot projects concerning bio-diesel. Certain plants were cultivate in farms covering wide stretches of the sunderbans delta which yield bio-diesel and was used to power agricultural pumps and generators in the remote area. Mobile bio-diesel pumps were made on launches which would supply fuel to other villages and vessels plying on the delta.It was mainly done to use alternative fuels in the inaccessible parts of the state. 😀
But the bottom it cheaper than the conventional fuels (diesel or petrol)
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