Had applied for TYPE A ONT but received TYPE B. Any solution?

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Airtel Xstream,
I had applied for one more BSNL FTTH connection and yesterday they came and provided TYPE B ONT and when I told that I had applied for TYPE A ,first they told that the commercial officer had put TYPE B in the online registration. When I tried to call commercial officer I was unable to connect. Then after some time the person which came for finalizing the connection tells me that TYPE A is not in stock. So whats the solution now? Where can I file complaint regarding this as the commercial officer is neither meeting in person coz of covid nor is answering the calls.
What is this type A and type B exactly? 🤔What is the difference in cost?
@varkey Type A ont is without wifi, Type B is with Wifi. Rent for TYPE A is 90 Rs per month and for TYPE B its 200 Per month. But BSNL has waived off rent for TYPE A for a new connection if we keep the connection for minimum 6 months. I already have Gigabit wifi router so I dont need Type B ONT.