Half speed on connected modem D Link 224 or D Link 2730U as wifi extender ( connected wired)

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I tried to extend my Airtel WIFI range as per google search, so here is the setup.
primary modem Airtel provided D-Link 224 VDSL (, LAN to LAN cat 5 cable to secondary D Link 224 or D Link 2730U modem as WIFI extender.
disabled DHCP server on secondary modem and assigned then disabled IGMP option.
Internet connected at half speed of primary modem
Speed test results
Primary modem = download: 80Mbps upload: 10Mbps
Secondary modem (WIFI extender) = download: 40Mbps upload: 1.5 or 4Mbps sometime.

tried the same on both modems such D Link 224 to D Link 224 and D Link 224 to D Link 2730U.
same half speed is reaching.

I myself crimped RJ45 jack with 568B color code for 28 meters cat 5 cable.

Any clue on what went wrong ?

Thanks guys