Has anyone able to bridge connection using Alphion Aont 1143?

I am using TP-Link MR3629 router and LCO has given AONT. In setting it has the option called bridged

As you can see above. But when I set it to bridged and try to connect using my router by setting up pppoe, (tried both with and without mac cloning) the connection fails.
Is there any step I am missing? Has anyone tried this before?
I have Alphion 1601 but I never tried to bridge it.
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I have it and bridge mode was set up by MTNL server room guys. I guess you can set it up yourself but you need VLAN id first.
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I have Alphion AONT 100C in bridged mode.I contacted Alphion, they did firmware upgrade after getting my serial.AONT 100C doesn't have gui option to switch between PPPoE or Bridged mode. LCO can also enable bridged mode.After upgrade, only ethernet port 1 works.I just entered username and password in router and it is working.Try contacting Alphion or your LCO.

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