Has anyone got the Netflix app on the STB?

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Reliance Jio
I saw a few posts/articles from September of last year, that said HDCP and the Netflix app had been released to the Jio STB. I have neither of those things, so were those articles based on some random rumours, or were they fake or what.

Unfortunately I was too late, as by the time I got the STB, Jio had already disabled sideloading. Has anyone else got the app, not through sideloading? And if so, what Jio plan do you have? I searched everywhere, and information on this is scarce, as per usual with anything Jio related.

I have the Netflix standard plan that I subscribed separately, i.e. not tied to the subscription that Jio provides on their Diamond and above plans (I got Netflix before I got JioFiber) and I have the Bronze 399 plan, if that's relevant in any way.

Also my STB is the JMC20211. From what I heard, that's the gimped model, which is just typical of the situation.
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