Hei muttster listen .... IP address got chged


Hey dude i chgd my username n now my IP address got CHANGED ....is it ok now to d\l n still wen i chk my triband usage ..it says LOGIN ID INVALID
There was no need for separate post.But since u have changed ur login name frm router u shud be fine to download.and hey no one is sure whether the trick of muttster is gonna work.We just gonna wait and watch.I think u can check ur account details frm any computer with any connection provided you enter them correctly.Just CHILLAX
hheh relax..just make sure u online with a new username(i always reboot after saving..)..n u shud be fine 🙂
frnds i cant chk my triband usage as it says LOGIN ID INVALID from y'day....@snake how can i chk my details without goin to register.mtn.net as it is not working
in the end all might come know that we all have a massive bill 😛

i din took risk as muttster`said to me i had d\l only 50mb video ..if in my bill it is not counted than i will start doin it frm d\l next time ...hopefully server comes up fast and thn goes off again 😛
Never Mind Mutster` I am With You !!!!I also downloaded!!!!keeping a risk of maximum R.s 2000Limit Risk IS Ok U know