Help with finding unknown logged devices in jio fiber centram dashboard

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Jio fiber
Hi, recently I found out that some unknown devices are connected to my jio fiber, I have immediately blocked those. But can anyone help me with finding out the ip & Mac adresses of those devices by logging into jio centrum dashboard? Is there any log files in the router?

You will find mac address and name in dashboard here
wouldn't the ip address be yours if they are connected on your network?
i mean not sure what you want to find out. the most information they leave on a router is mac address and almost all mobile devices randomize it these days.

the bigger concern is how are these devices connecting to your network in the first place. and you are not the first one to discuss this here.


Yes that's correct that the biggest concern is how they got access in the first place. And more worrying is what they did after loggin into my network? What if they did some mischievous/illegal stuff. In this case, that is my main concern. Any ideas/advice what shall I do to be on the safe side? Btw many thanks for your swift reply and valuable information.
really have no clue. not much can be done till jio gives complete control to the user. airtel still allows for bridging which is nice. if your device support disabling wireless on the jio router, consider getting your own router and using it in access point mode. it's not an optimal solution though.
A similar thing happened to us in my bldg (I had mentioned it in another thread) first noticed at my neighbors jio network & next day on my network, just after installation. When we contacted the blokes who were installing in our Colony he suggested we change the network name & password. That worked for us. Actually we became aware of this because jio sent a sms to the registered customers phone about so & so phone make & model logged in to our home network.
So you mean to say the installers just leave the default Jio SSID and the default Passwords? Such that anyone who knows it and log in and use your internet.