High ping and loss in games on Airtel Xstream fiber

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I recently got Airtel Xstream 999 plan (200 mbps) and I am seeing high ping and loss when playing online games especially when I use the 2.4Ghz band. Unfortunately, my room is a bit far from the wifi so I am unable to use 5Ghz so have to settle for 2.4 but the ping is around 300ms in games like call of duty. On 5Ghz it's a bit better around 120ms but is still high. Is there a way to fix it. I have already set up port forwarding but that does not seem to help. I am hoping to fix it on 2.4 GHz but unable to figure out the settings apart from port forwarding that will actually make an impact. Could anyone please help out?
Probably wifi itself is the cause... are you able to try ethernet to see the difference?
I used to get 22-26ms in Cago(mumbai servers) but now I get 41ms+.

Today I again got 27ms constant, Any idea whats wrong?