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Airtel 2222 Unlimited(1 mbps)
Hi guys, guess what ?i have been getting a steady speed of over 50 KB/s going upto 60 KB/s for the past 3 days. No seriously i'm not kidding. I'm using a home999 plan, 256 Kbps connectivity.Lemme know if you guys have also noticed it 😉
Yep, was getting it last night..... but it's slow again today... almost to the 128kbps level....... I think they must be testing things out.... wait a couple of days and see......
Hmm...south delhi. well i'm still getting above 50KB/s. n i hope it never goes down. I wish it would say(my broadband connection)........ up, up n away :lol:
i am going crazy! 50KBps is like 9-10 times faster than my connection!!!
Even after shifting to home 699 plan(128 kbps) from previous speed 500 plus(256 kbps,1 GB limit) last month my speeds never decreased ,only that i can d/l now unlimited,i even talked over to CC but he says i should report only if getting low speeds then expected and not high speeds and rest assured i wont get wrong bill as i have already been migrated to new plan in the end of month .He was right now that i have recived my bill.

there, nothing 😛 n i had this post before u complained , so i hope we r cool now