Hotwire Broadband in Delhi

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They probably pioneered "broadband" 🙄 in India by offering unlimited 64 kbps (@1000 pm) couple of years back. They are also using the cable guys for the last mile. But i shud say i am very satisifed with them. Probably i got lucky with a good cable fellow. But i am getting nice and steady speeds. and the complaint service is also good. Check out if they are providing service in ur area before going for any other connection. They might refuse to give connection if you are way off their nearest lamp post hub.
Pioneered broadband 🙁 Had their connection for about 1 year. really s*cks sometimes. Completely susceptible to the elements. They have hubs on trees with wires hanging all around. My connection goes down whenever its windy, rainy or whenever it feels like it i.e its down for atleast 1 day in a week. If this day happens to be a sunday or a public holiday or the two of them fall on consecutive days then you can easily kiss goodbye to connectivity for 2 days coz noone will attend your complaint Plus the company is corrupt and mismanaged. They have subscribers paying for 10hrs plan but using it for unltd hours. Wouldnt recommend to anybody.Was looking forward to MTNL BB but that has proved to be a dampner. Airtel and reliance are the only hope in Delhi
Naah Man. I am using Sify Broadband. Needless to say..It is far better than any other that I have tried till now. I am using Night Plan 128 RS. Dedicated 9 PM to 9 AM. Connection is too good and consistent.
Abt sify or abt hotwire :lol: .Sify's night plan is really good if u pray everyday that ur lan should not blow off at night 😉
and maybe if you do have a job. that is a day time job.

key note on hotwire, i've been using it a lot since i shifted to delhi, and i am satisfied with them. over the whole month, i once downloaded over 6 gigs and not once did my download or speed get capped. really reasonable too.