How Is It Going To Be Billed ?

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One of my stupid friend has shifted from Home900 to home 1000 5GB plan 2mbpsNow he has downloaded around 3.5 GB till now. now he is getting confused from which date to which date broadband is billed. i.e. is it billed from 1 Jan to 31 JAN or how?
:lol: just ask him to switch off his modem and computer once he has reached 5 GB mark...else he'll be screwed really bad 😉 :lol:
Yes unlimited at night. but he is stupid as he chats all day lol and download some songs.. So will it be billed from 1 to 31 or how ?
Easy...Call up the helpline...Some Customer Service reps maybe dumb...But all of them should be able to give THAT information atleast.
i've heard that half the download limit is meant for half the month or somethin like that.. so.. dunno man.. guess he's in a lil trouble..

Maybe next they will tell us it is 5GB/30 days = 166.66 MB per day...and above that you wil be charged on daily basis. LOL