How Is Weather In Mumbai?

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They are not as bad as last year but this is not the way the commercial capital should be, just normal-heavy rains brings the fast moving city to a standstill.The drainage of the city should be worked out in a more planned manner...
Yeah, its difficult but not impossible for people to venture out... But its definitely not as bad as last year.Netfreak, u didnt reply to my thread reg broadband in pune?
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wasnt netfreak from mumbai?

I am in NY for a few months, got pulled into Headquarters for a project.

Saw news about rains on ABC. Have not figured out how to setup Indian news channels yet 🙁

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Netfreak, u didnt reply to my thread reg broadband in pune?

I am in a different timezone now... so might miss some posts. Can you post link to that one?
dude, are you in GS? 😱

No.... If you mean GS as the Bank, that bank does not have IT team in Mumbai, it has its IT team in Bangalore.