How much bandwidth BSNL has ?

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Does anyone know how much total bandwidth BSNL has right now for Data-one? And how many Data one users are currently there ?
here is something which i have taken from a site run by mr. atul chitnis (with due apologies to him).. hope it may enlighten you all.. cheers.. pupudada!BSNL routes its international traffic via VSNL, and a few simple traceroutes showed that VSNL was choking BSNL traffic at their main international router, and also sending them through HongKong on both the outgoing and incoming route, with major satellite hops (easily identifiable by 500-600 ms gains). The return route from the USA is via New York, London and Hongkong.Could this be a link or equipment problem? No chance at all - I have a colocated server at VSNL, and a simple traceroute from there showed a straightforward and quick route to anywhere in the world - exiting via the same gateway.So - what's going on? Is VSNL putting the squeeze on BSNL? Quite possible, from a technical perspective, there is simply no question about it.But why is BSNL not admitting this? Why do they stick to the same lie "server down" (the story changed to "upgradation" towards the end of Thursday)? Why do they not admit the real story?
am sure that mr. atul should be knowing this too.. will be sending him a mail soon and tell him to provide the latest updates.. thanks susubh for the info.. :blink: Pupudada!p.s.: man the posts are flying today.. by the time i reply to one post and post the same, two oe more new ones are back in the `Q' 😉
Yes ....all the active users of this forum are nocturnals.
this is nothing. go visit some of the popular forums out there. 😉

i am on some forums since 1998. i know my stuff. 😉 opera helps ofcourse.
As most members are nocturnal, we demand that BSNL gives more scope of transfers at night after 11 PM till 9 AM.Lets keep hope.
BSNL is not answerable to me or this forum. you guys are being childish. it does not concern them if 10% of the users want unlimited bandwidth. they have to run a business and run it profitable. they would perhaps decide on something that suits a majority of the users and their own personal motices.
have u got a documented proof? i think BSNL would have a better demographical data with them.
BSNL giys are smart. They are there to make big time money. They have got smart guys from the private sector also working with them.They are not the same old slugglish PSU at the top end. Lower end guys are still the same because of the Union baazi. But that too is changing slowly.