How much time does it take to add a number in postpaid family plan?

Anjani Broadband 100mbps, Airtel LTE/5G Failover & AS199347
Hi, I am on Airtel postpaid 1599 Plan. I have 1 extra slot in the family plan. I bought another sim card for 297 INR and now I want to add this in my family plan and use the sim card in my LTE router.

I did this yesterday in Airtel Thanks App and now after a full day, It's still saying "Your request is in progress".

Even though I am paying so much frickin money to Airtel(have postpaid and 5-6 other prepaid connections that I pay for), It is impossible to get hold of a real person in their CS department. On 198, There is no path in IVR that I can use to talk to a real person. For complaints they are redirecting to Airtel app but in the app, There is no option for the type of grievance I want to submit.

I wrote to nodal authority today but they also didn't respond today and now I guess I'll have to wait till Monday for the nodal authority to respond.
Can anyone here who has done this before please tell me how much time does it take for them to add a number in a family plan? And is there any postpaid specific number to talk to real people from their CS department?
Thanks. 🙂)
After complaining once again, I received a notification from them asking me to send a message FAM Y to 121 from the phone number that was being added to the family plan. I did this, Put the phone in airplane mode for a minute and it was added to the family plan.
I tweet them and they are quick to respond and call back, incase of any issue. You are correct about the unreachability through their helpline.