How Politicians Should Be Treated Like?

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1. Australian cricket board has expressed willingness to extend unconditional apology.2. Mr. Sharad Pawar has conveyed that in enthusiasm of first time clinching the coveted trophy whatever mistake Aussies did he would not like to make an issue of it.Then question arise why sports politicians like Sunil Manohar Gavaskar are writing fiery columns about etiquettes and behavioural tips for "Hiya Buddy" episode ? Is it not that during his sporting career and later as sports administrator Mr. Gavaskar has shown enough shrewd shades to grab things he wanted but acquired using indirect approach, however this time no one knows what he wants out of this.Best would be to downplay whatever happenned, it may not recur and whatever happenned was inadvertant mistake. I guess the way Ponting had called Sachin back after Umpire declared Sachin out during DLF cup was a proof that Aussies are sportsmen with true sports spirit, not a politically coloured lot like we often notice among selector-player goof ups here.-- RKS