How to access my Nokia G-2425G-A router from outside network ?

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I wanna access hard drive which I have connected to Nokia G-2425G-A router from outside network.
I do have static IP. but I don't see any option to enable it

I have allowed everything in Security>Access Control still I can't access my ftp server or even http using private ip
I don't think that FTP is enabled over the WAN connection or there is any way to do the same given that it is a huge privacy risk.
I would recommend against it.

If you still want to access the data over the internet, you can setup a FTP server on one of your machines and forward the incoming connection on a specific port to that server
Different ONT devices have different capabilities. Also, from what I gather, the Huawei ONT that Airtel used to provide earlier was not a locked device, but the G2425GA is!