How to check if JioFiber disconnected at any time in a day?

Hello guys.I have a JioFiber internet connection.I am not connected to internet 24X7.So,is there a software or something that can tell us that at what times of the day, the internet stopped working?

For Example,If I am sleeping during that time the internet might have stopped working, so it should tell me the time.
you can use for that. Create an alert for the public ipv6 of your router.

Also you can setup dynamic DNS with and setup uptimerobot alert on that.
1. In uptimerobot dashboard > My Settings > Add Alert Contact > Contact type - email.
2. Add new monitor > Ping > IP

IP you can get from jio router's admin page.

# enable ping on WAN port in router security setting.
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i don't really have any. but a crude way i can think of right now is an app i used to use few years ago.

bping -q -dd -u

log this to a text file. but this only works if your pc is on. this would log all packet loss to the text file.

i imagine this would be best done on router level. openwrt should have a package.