How to Configure for VOIP in SHARPVISION ONT Model: AS-341-WT

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Last week I bought the SHARPVISION ONT Model No: AS-341-WT and it was configured by the BSNL-franchise-man for internet and it is working fine. But he did not configure for VOIP (i.e) I am not able to make calls from the phone attached to the above said router. Anybody, kindly inform me(e-mail: [email protected]) the procedure for configuring the VOIP in the above said router. Thanks.
do you have the static IP , gateway and subnetmask details for the VoIP profile ? If yes , you can go through :

This will give you a basic idea on what to do , and try to find out similar menu items in your router and give a try.

For new connections, BSNL started to provide DHCP for VoIP profile , in such cases your VLAN will not be 1830 and I am not sure about that configuration.