How to disconnect Reliance Jio Fiber connection and get a refund?

Hyderabad, India
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Hey Forum,

I did not find a thread related to JioFiber refunds and looking at the plans they unveiled, I'm sure there will be many people looking for refund related Q&A soon. So, I'm creating one now to share my experience.

I have raised a request for deactivation of my JioFiber account sometime in first week of November. After couple of days, account was deactivated and ONT was collected after another two days.

I started recording a while technicians are disconnecting the router and take everything required off the wall as a proof that router is indeed been collected in working condition. These technicians also took my bank details on a piece of paper and told me that I will get a OTP for confirming bank details and that I have to tell them that OTP.

The OTP message has My bank acct number and IFSC code along with OTP. I called the technician back and told him the OTP.

Now the wait begins, meanwhile I kept calling CC-Number, pinging JioCare on Twitter regarding the refund. After 2 days of collecting ONT, I received an email from JioPay asking me to enter my bank details (again!!) to process the e-refund. And the email said, I will get refund only if the details are submitted from this link. The link requires one to upload a copy of bank account's cancelled cheque. I used different account this time and submitted details as I don't have chequebook for account that I gave to technicians.

Exactly after 15 days, Today, I received an email and a message that my refund is processed via NEFT and my account (that was given in e-refund link) will be credited in 72hours. After few more hours, my refund is credited successfully. (Yayyy!!)

During those 15 days, I was searching for "Jio Fiber Refund" topic in Twitter and the tweets made me worry more as almost all of them are complaints that they haven't received their refund -- Some even disconnected and returned their ONT 6 months back.

Overall, My experience with them has been good, I did not face any issues while getting connection nor with connection. I had 3 or 4 downtimes between 5 mins to 2 hours in the whole 6 months. And, Refund experience is also good. Although I would say, their CC is worst -- When asked about refund, Phone CC said I will get it in 15 days but JioCare Twitter said it'll take 60 days (uff!!). But, as I said, Experience has been good.
Your post gives me some hope for getting back the security deposit money. 👍
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I applied for disconnection last saturday. Today (full 1 week later) the engineer finally came to collect the router. I gave my bank details and received otp instantly which the engineer submitted on his phone and then said that now the refund will come in 15-20 days. I will give an update if and when I receive my refund or any other information from jio fiber.

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@koolkunz I have raised the Disconnect request today. Does the technician enter the bank details into his phone in some app? How did the data collection happen?
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