How to donate to Uttarakhand Flood Victims Online?

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Beam Fiber
Is there a website where I can donate to the Prime Minister's Fund or any other reliable charitable organisation online via debit/credit card? Any help would be great.
Prime Minister's National Relief Fund
This seems to be the official website. It seems to accept net banking accounts.
You can donate for Uttarakhand floods after a transaction on Paytm. No idea to which particular fund it donates.
But they are small amounts ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs. 100.
So what other option you have? NGOs? Red Cross might be a good alternative. Other than that I guess the best is to donate in person. I am not sure if there are Indian chapters for recognized bodies like doctors without borders etc.

Oh by luck I found this thread, just today I was seeing ( googling ) how to donate, dont trust the PM website either, any place where we can send cheque and we know for sure it will be used for this purpose and not going into some wrong persons pocket ...