How to enable VoLTE on Idea?

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I am still not getting volte with idea sim.after sending numerous act volte and all still not getting it. I have also tried inserting my idea sim in my friend's Redmi phone and there also volte is not present. Beacuse when I call another jio number the signal gets changed to h . Now the only option for me is to go to idea customer care and tell them about it. It's really frustrating with idea since with airtel and jio volte gets activated instantly upon sim insertion.
@philip i just send ACT VOLTE to 12345 and it got activated within 24 hours lol or just call the customer care and tell them volte is not working please activate it when i switched to Vodafone postpaid volte was not working i just called the customer care and told them instantly activated
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Yeah I send it numerous times for many days and still no volte . Is it because I inserted my sim in slot 2 ?
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The customer care people are clueless they are repeatedly saying Volte is active from their end and I should send the message next day but still not getting. Why are they using the SMS mechanism I mean airtel and jio volte gets activated without any hassles immediately after sim insertion.
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