How to get a PVC Aadhaar Card for Rs. 50 from UIDAI?


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PVC cards printed outside might not reproduce the QR code correctly as quality gets lost in editing and printing. That's why UIDAI is against it.
Plus those made outside could be faked/morphed images. Strangely companies like IDBI Bank, stock holding .... used to go to big psu companies offering to do this, & people who went in for it then got marketing calls😁. Their card claims to have security features.
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One thing I feel really stupid about is, whichever goverment institutions I have gone to, they say bring original Aadhaar, I'm like what exactly is original Aadhaar. If I show a digitally signed eAadhaar to them, they say we cannot accept eAadhaar. I print on paper and show the same thing, again this is not original. But the same exact thingy printed on a PVC card, suddenly it's original.

When will they realise that Aadhaar is just a number and there is no original Aadhaar card 😂😂