How to get username and password of my railwire account if my ISP denies to share them ?

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Hey guys , Finally Im able to find the group of people who has idea about the ISP and broadband stuff ...
Recently , I got a railwire broadband connection , and as a default every user will have their own username and password to login and to recharge right ..My ISP has done that process and is not giving me the username and password of mine .. Thats username/password will be used to check the usage limit and recharge .

Can someone please help ?
Its weird , earlier someone complained about LCO not giving them ONT credentials.

I wonder why? Why are they withholding basic info from their users ,especially when ONT i s payed for and not rented.

EDIT: Do you mean PPPoE credentials or router psswd?
'Accidentally' reset your router and ask LCO for creds. If they aren't willing to send over creds and instead want to visit your home, install a keylogger on your PC and have them setup your router again on your computer
I think you can get PPPoE creds by lodging a formal complaint or contacting RailWire CC( i've heard they are competent bunch) about your scenario, your bill receipt etc can be a proof of original customer in case they require.

In another thread op has stated railwire cc didn't helped.

Keylogger method is clear just make sure to get good one that won't record your keystrokes too 😛
Now op has two ways only(apart from kids accidently messing up the ONT):

1)Contact ONT manfuacturer to get into ONT...these ONTS have multiple hidden ssh psswd/pathways.
2)pgportal( this might burn some bridges)

Also, base don my experience the config file/dump of my ONT had PPPoE usr and psswd field but wrong/hashed psswd
I have the same damn issue. Its been 6 months and the credentials are not given. I had to literally get into multiple arguments with the local MSP's here even to sort the speed as per my plan. They come home and tell me because the mac ID filtering is enabled the net is slow. How foolish these people can be. I finally disabled it. Till date I only get low internet speed other than the day these people come home to check.

I am so very disappointed to get the internet speed of some one who is paying half a grand, despite paying 3 times more.

If I contact Railwire, those guys are telling that there is no account with any of our phone numbers on their data base. This is so very annoying. I had a lot of good opinions from by friends of metro cities on railwire and that's the reason I opted for it. But this is just getting me so insane. Please help........ as I am kind of blank.