How to maximize torrent download speed?

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Yes, shift to bridge mode...then you will not be required to forward ports. And also read the links given above by nimbuz...half-open thing works for me with the value 50 instead of 8...patch tcpip.sys to 50 or 100 to a maximum value with which your connection gives good results...I get good download speed with upload at 8 kBps while downloading. and look whether you are seeding well. You require good seeding ratio also with private trackers to get good speed...whenever not downloading seed at a little lesser speed than your maximum upload speed.
with upload speed set @ 10 kBps i get the best download speed of ~210 kBps in utorrent...
Yes, best download speed can be achieved with upload speed set at 6~10 kBps on utorrent. I get my best speeds at 8 kBps. It seems many other factors influence the upload speed required for best download speed some of which have been posted above. Keeping upload speed at higher values may hamper the download speed.
do you people get speeds of 200+ on all the torrents ? .. well currently i am downloading a torrent which has only around 8 seeds (and am connected to only 3) and about 20 peers .. and am getting a speed of 80 kBps (with upload set to 10kBps) ... i am using linux so the half-open thing does not matter here ...
i've recently discovered this upload @ 10 kBps thing...have only downloaded private torrents...haven't checked with public torrents yet...2-3 torrents give me that speed easily...and i guess that's the maximum line speed at that time, coz the speed remains pretty constant...may be a kBps up or down...

upload @ 10Kbps works on public trackers too...210 Kbps max, doesn't go beyond that as coolbuddy saidbut on private trackers, it srsly kills the ratio...:wall:trying really hard to keep it 1
yes, true :wall: even i'm trying hard to maintain ratios...seeding all day and almost for a week (without any more downloads)...means one night of downloads and around a week of uploads... 😕
So i need to continue seeding after my download finishes to keep my ratio close to 1.0?Buy how do i view my ratio in BitComet? i'm not able to find it.Does MTNL charges you (thourgh MBs or Rs.) for Uploading?Also, how does a tracker know my ratio since we have dynamic IPs?I know these are a lotta questions but i'm not able to find the answers to these.Thanks.