How to spot an indian male

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1) They usually have nicknames like 'Cuteguy', 'Niceguy', 'Nice'n'Cute Guy', 'Cool Dude', 'Sexy Horny Boy' etc. You get the idea, right?2) They usually spell 'hi' as 'hai', which means 'alas' in Indian/Hindi.3) They have this uncanny knack of referring to one and all as 'dear'. What they actually mean is you're 'venison' for them - deer meat, y'know. (Hola!)4) When asked about what they do for a living, most of them reply with: 'Software Consultant' or 'Programmer', giving new meaning to 'The Geek Shall Inherit the World'.5) They have a knack for ending words with a 'Z'. For example, 'newayz', 'lolz' etc. What the hell is 'LOLZ' anyway? 'Laughing out LOUDZ'? More keywords used by this species are: 'mah', 'okie', and 'hehehehe'. They're the only guys on the planet who giggle. Beware, don't dare.6) They have serious problems with judging whether an ID would be male or female. If they message a guy by mistake, prepare to be hear comments like 'f**k you, you gay motherf**ker' etc. It doesn't matter that the Indian guy messaged you - you'll still get abused for the next 10 minutes if you refuse to talk to him.7) Often, they start a conversation with the phrase, "Wanna sex". Judge for yourself what they mean and want.8) If you talk to them for more than 3 sessions, they might fall in love with you. Prepare to receive e-cards after your first conversation, telling you how beautiful you are, when all they've seen is your typewritten word. Don't be surprised if they want to spend their lives with you and make lots of virtual babies, because once an Indian guy reaches 20, his aim in life is to get married, preferably to a White chick, so that he can get a foreign citizenship. (Note to self: another topic for another day.)9) They usually have a problem with understanding complicated words such as 'no', 'buzz', and 'off'.10) Whether you're in an Alaskan chat-room, or an Antarctican-you'll always bump into an Indian. Lesson: Indians are omnipresent. Beware, one might crawl out of the woodwork in your house this very moment.11) They're usually virgins till age 25. This can be attributed to the Vedic human cycle, where a man is supposed to remain a celibate student, or 'brahmachari' for the first 25 years of his life. So, when you have cybersex with an Indian guy, don't be shocked if he confuses your navel for the v@g1n@. Attribute it to a lack of sex education, and the holy Vedas.
I can attest to these..Point 1- Maybe their nicks try to compensate for their anatomical shortcomings..not the case with only indians but also with pakis, the filipino and the vietnamese.Point 5 is quite true.. just see the messages in the India community in orkut. A literature student would be aghast at the misuse of the english language.Point 6 is even more true. I have experienced this 6 years back when I used to frequent yahoo chat(it was still in its infancy then.)They seriously cannot figure out whether you're a male of fem, even if you have an appropriately suggestive nick. This was even a bigger problem for me because my nick was not easy to figure out.And at that time I'd get pm's every time I entered a room asking me for my asl.Once I told them my asl.. they'd be pissed and as you stated would curse you with the choicest combination of 4 letter words. If I was busy talking to somebody, I'd just close the window but those guys kept pm'ming. Desperados.Later on, to deal with such pm's, I'd just say.. I'm not gay and put them on ignore.
Nice points by both of you... Yahoo chats were always the worst. I stick to irc but not much better ... the only channel one can safely join is #linuxhelp :lol:
When I used to chat on yahoo rooms (for few days only, years back) I used to boot the irritable folks out. I loved irritating them 🙂