How to use Airtel & MTNL Broadband simultaneously

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Is it possible to use Airtel & MTNL Boradband connection simultaneously in a network ?

I am currently having MTNL Broadband connection & is being shared by 4-5 nodes. The ADSL Router is connected to Switch. As my complete office is fully dependent on internet, I want to take Airtel Broadband connection also so that if any one service is down the work does not get affected. Is it possible to connect the airtel adsl router in same switch & configure it, so that both the internet are working together & if any one is down then other takes over automatically ?
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D-Link DI-LB604 Load Balancing Router, w/ 4-Port Switch, QoS & 2 WAN Ports
or later model.
win2k network with 2 ISP in Windows Networking Firewall

Throw out both of the Broadband NAT Boxes and replace them with a Single one
that has two WAN ports (for two internet connections) and has been designed
for this purpose. Almost everyone that makes the Broadband NAT boxes make
at least one model that does this.
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I am using two ISPs. Since yours is a commercial use 2 wan router suggested.One ISP Airtel Beetel 110BX1/ vonage/ netgearWIFI laptops wireless mode. ( or any number of computers in wireless mode. ( + four computers in LAN mode )2. Dataone with Mt882 Huawei lan connected to one laptop lan Rj45 connection.Say No 2 fails I take a Rj45 connection from Netgear Lan1 and connect.3.Say 1 fails I have to interchange the BSNL LINE to Airtel splitter.4. Both modems programmed for both services Airtel and BSNL and can be interchanged.5. Ask Airtel for Wifi router 450BX1.You have to physically change the ISP connection.Para two : I have tried a dialup (old 56Kbps connection) and BB Dataone to same computer.The faster connection takes over. There is no addition of speed.If BB fails Dialup connection will work.Para three : To connect two ISPs to a SINGLE computer. the LAN Port and USB port you need two modems.Para four :IF PCI slots are available in the Desktop install.additional wireless LAN cards ( cost Rs 1000 each approx)So all computers WIFI to say Airtel and wire connected to BSNL.
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Hi!i have been using 2 isps -Airtel and BSNL with Linksys RV042 dual wan router. With this router you will be able to connect both the isps and if one fails the other takes over automatically. You can assign one of the isps as the primary. There is also provision to load balance the two isps. You could also manage your bandwidth by choosing either rate control or priority. This router is great. You could go in for the RV082 if you need more ports. my airtel connection is in the bridged mode with beetel modem as wan 1 and the bsnl modem is connected to the wan 2 DMZ/internet port.hope this is useful.
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member/sukumar_p55/Thanks for the info. noted. I normally do not pursue an old thread , if the thread starter does not respond and give useful feedbackfor the benefit of other users. I read usually what is posted today and yesterday. My page in IBF shows only threads for one day selected "last day"!

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