How to use Jio Set top box remote?

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I have a JioFiber connection for last 5 months now. The set top box is good and don't know how to use most of the keys in the remote and surprisingly the CC guys are complete clueless.
1. What do those colored buttons on top do?
2. Does the Univ key work at all?
3. Can we pair the remote with other universal remotes?
4. Has anyone tried mapping the remote with LG Magic remote?
5. Does the Guide, Help keys work at all?
6. What does the Red R button do? Does it record and really work?

Sorry for the barrage of questions, but looks like not many people have much clue about how it works.
Most of the buttons which you have mentioned above like Guide, Help, Record, etc. are for the Live TV service which Jio has not launched yet.
As for the universal key and remote pairing, I have no idea.
You've had the connection for 5 months now and haven't figured out what the coloured buttons do? Seriously? 🤯

1. Those buttons can be assigned different functions by each app. So far the only app I've seen that makes use of all 4 is JioSaavn - just open the app and it'll display what each button does near the bottom of the screen. The only third party one I recall making use of them is Prime Video, where the green one is for adding to watchlist IIRC.

2. Seems useless to me - never got it to work and don't think anyone here has either.

3, 4. No clue, but I doubt it. Feel free to try and report back though! 🙂

5, 6. Already explained above.
@Dave, probably because I don't use JioSaavn. Dont use PrimeVideo app which is recently added. I find using it through Jio STB has a bit of performance issue. Use the app installed in the TV itself. I generally use Hotstar, Zee5, SonyLiv, JioTV and Cinema and didnt discover the utility of these buttons there yet. If it's there and I didn't notice then my bad and probably Jio trying to bring in some gaming experience into remote usage.

Regarding Magic remote mapping, it requires selecting the STB mfgr from the TV setup option and the closest match is Reliance. Tried selecting that and it does not work. So for now managing with three remotes, Airtel IPTV STB, Jio STB and TV.

I called the technician prior to the Covid-19 lock down and he was clueless too.
In my experience no matter which company it is, their so-called 'technicians' are almost always useless without fail when it comes to answering queries. They're like my classmates who used to mug up entire chapters word for word, but if the question deviated even slightly from the syllabus or required critical thinking then they were like deer caught in the headlights. 🤣

P.S. True story - one of my classmates even wrote "see image so-and-so" in an answer because it was in the textbook! 😵 No wonder he got publicly humiliated by the prof.

Can I customise the A, B, C and D buttons on the remote?
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