How to use TATA SKY BB ONU + Router on a different ISP?

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I had a Tata Sky BB connection in delhi, due to covid i have returned to my HomeTown. Here, my existing router is throwing problems so i decided to use the Tata Sky Router that i have as a substitute. But it seems to be binded to Tata Sky BB and that i cannot change certain settings to enable the same on my current ISP.
Is there a way to reset this? remove binding?
i tried factory reset, but it just keeps showing the buffer icon, and nothing happens.
Any help would be appreciated
Which modem you have? You will likely have to flash an open firmware onto it.
I have the Nokia modem G-140W-F.
Can i not flash it with the stock formware from the manufacturer's website?
is DDWRT a good open firmware to flash my NOKIA ONU+router with?