How to use Whatsapp on a Wi-Fi only device?


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Anybody using whatsapp on wifi only tab? Thinking of doing it ..which method is best? Using bluestacks or just simply titanium backuping the files from a phone and copying them into tab?
AFAIK, whatsapp is not supported on tabs yet. bluestacks is used for running andoird apps on windows. How do you intend using it with a tab??
I imagine backing up an activated copy of the app on a phone and restoring that copy on a tablet might make it work?
It's possible. IIRC I downloaded the APK directly from the website using the browser on the tab, and installed it. I entered the phone no. and when I tried to activate it, it sent the code to the phone which I entered in the Tab, et voila! The only problem is that every once in a while it gets screwed up, and needs reinstalling (or force stop). One of the problems is that sometimes clicking on the app icon does nothing, but if you click on the new messages notification in the notification bar, it opens it up right away. Once we even got a message that it was to out of date, and therefore it stopped working. YMMV.

I used to use it on my tablet, worked flawlessly. Simply download the APK from the website, install it, enter your mobile number and after failure of SMS verification ask for verification by call, receive the call and enter the code, and you are ready to enjoy WhatsApp. Just make sure to transfer all your contacts to your tablet. 🙂
After trying this on Micromax Funbook,
i today started using Whatsapp on PC via Bluestacks.
Its better as I am mostly on computer so don't have to look for tablet for friends,
Have phone and PC with whatsapp that's enough.......

EDIT:Found my post, which I did that when it was not installing using all other methods.