HTC One Mini

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Running over the leaked specs, you can expect a smaller 4.3-inch screen at 720p resolution and possibly a cheaper build to the unibody beauty that leads HTC's smartphone family.There's likely to be a dual-core processor, LTE-capable radio and 16GB of storage too. There's better news, with the Ultrapixel-packing 4-megapixel camera sensor rumored to make its way into the middleweight phone, although initial leaks pointed to a 13-megapixel sensor.
Beyond the (slightly) smaller 720p display, the site also claims there's a dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage and a 4-megapixel shooter complete with UltraPixel technology.
I do not mind the strategy. A friend just got himself a HTC One and he loves the camera. Though he also carries around the Nokia 808 for his photography interest.
4mp images are large enough. Of course HTC is not beating the PureView cameras on the Nokia Lumia devices, it is still better than having 8/12/13mp photos with fewer details.

The One Mini's a more approachable (and affordable) version of the One -- both inside and out -- with some notable differences. For starters, its screen size has been reduced to 4.3-inches, much like Samsung's Galaxy S 4 Mini, making it much more palm-friendly and deserving of the Mini moniker. But we don't yet have a clear handle on its resolution. Certainly, the Mini's not going to ape the One's dazzling 1080p Super LCD 3 display -- what's more likely is that this "smaller" screen is of the 720p variety.
Looks more like the iPhone 5 wrt aspect ratio. Taller.