Http Sites Not Coming But Yahoo/https Working

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I got banned!
MTNL Mumbai BB_600 @12mbps
did anyone face this problem where yahoo messenger works but does not work BUT works!

it appears to be some kind of port 80 problem. using anonymous
proxy solves the problem but then sites open slow.

without proxy sometimes sites opens but then again stops opening.

but messenger works perfectly.

this i noticed happened yesterday evening and today early morning (7-8AM).

however right now everything seems to be working normal.

any1 who faced/noticed same problem?
not exactly the hhtp/https prob but many a times i've seen that when i get up in the morning to check on my dwlds ...bitcomet seems to be running fine while browsing does not work and sometimes even msgr does not work...its like the net connection has hung but bc still keeps on running...may be coz its on a different port. i hv had this prob in mtnl as well as in airtel.
set ur bittorrent upload speed to 18-20kbps max.. if ur upload is consumed completely bybittorrent then download wud obviously go slow and for downloading something there needsto be some upload bandwidth free.edit: read bitcomet instead of bittorrent
hehe......well i'm not that naive yaar ......obviously when sites don open first thing one does is turn bc off.........andthen try again. when i say browsing is not working, bitcomet or no bitcomet, its actually NOT WORKING !!!!
in that case u can just go off to sleep some more and try after a cpl of hrs :lol:
nahin yaar ......rebooting did the trick 🙂 🙂 and after rebooting i go back to sleep 😛 😛 😛

may be the modem gets choked coz of the dirt u've been downloading the whole night :lol:
hehe dirt wotsoever......"that" dirt was not there ....and the dust factor in my room does'nt play that big a role.....the air is quite clean but the same can't be sed bout my room, atleast thats wot my mom sez.........i find my room pretty clean.