Huawei Ascend P6

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Too bad the $330 rumour is fake. Looks like $500 likely. The updated rumoured specs look impressive
The latest leak involves internal documents, which were sent to us by one of our readers who chose to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. While we can't share the actual documents with you, we can reveal their contents, which give us the full nitty-gritty on the device.
We got to learn that the Ascend P6 will be powered by a 2000 mAh Li-Po 2000 battery and will have a 5MP front-facing camera capable of 720p video recording. The Bluetooth specification turned out to be v3.0 rather than v4.0, and the wireless 802.11a standard isn't supported, which probably points to the lack of dual-band Wi-Fi.
There's also confirmation of a temperature sensor and the exact measurements, which come in at 132.7 x 65.5 x 6.5mm, with a weight of 120g.
The detailed specs sheet also proves that many of the previous rumors were correct - the smartphone will be powered by a a quad-core 1.5 GHz K3V2+ Huawei chipset with 1.5GHz quad-core CPU and an Intel XMM6260 modem. The Huawei Ascend P6 will also offer 8MP camera capable of 1080p video recording, 8GB of expandable internal storage with 2GB of RAM, a 4.7-inch 16M color screen of 720p resolution - all running on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.
2000 mAh battery looks a little less for this device.
The 4.7-inch device comes with a 1,280 x 720 in-cell LCD display, 1.5GHz quad-core CPU and 2GB RAM. While users may be dismayed to read that the P6 has a small 8GB of storage, a microSD card slot will let you add up to 32GB more for your media perusal. The phone's primary camera is an 8-megapixel, F/2.0 BSI lens with a 4cm macro, but the vain amongst you shouldn't worry as there's a 5-megapixel shooter up front.
Looks like 500 euros. So maybe 25-30K. Not sure if it will launch in India & see some success.
A bit offtopic - Looks like the Indian manufacturers like Mircomax, Karbonn etc are also getting a bit confident and aggressive, almost all seem to trying the next level and even coming up with 20+ range products and people seem to be interested in buying. Which was unimaginable 3-4 years ago.
But people used to prefer an average Samsung device (say Grand or S2/S3 ) and maybe spend more with lesser specs than going for Micromax and I see that scenario changed off late.

Well, they do have (not sure if Out of stock everywhere) S2+ , S Duos, S Advance, Grand , Grand Quattro, Note, Ace and so on .. and these used to be a preference over a much better Canvases, Titaniums & Xolos etc anyday... But now I see things changing. I wont be surprised in 3-4 years, more than 75% of the urban population and close to 50% of rural population having smartphones which are not from the major brands.
Right, but this is something they could have been complacent about earlier. But now things are changing and changing rapidly.
I remember being skeptical about Micromax and Huawei when they launched Gingerbread devices priced 15k. But now, by the time we have reached Jellybean, I am one of the few who are willing/have bought such devices.