Hi Guy's, I recently got the hardware the login info is sill to come in the mean time i got Tocuhtell installed at my place ,u guys must be wondering wht a freak this guy is 2 conections,yes i need ways I was given Huawei MT841 (i dont know what type it is) it says WLAN ,it has this WLAN light on top and the config also has WLAN so it leads me to belive it can be used as a Wireless Aces Point,also it has 4 RJ 45 Sockets so i can use it as a router. As of now i have the rj45 from the touchtell modem going into the MT841 ,and from the rest 3 ports i occupy one on my desktop.BEETEL modem (touchtel) Activated - MT841 (BSNL) NO dsl yet - (Static ip ) - i can connect two more systems to pull out the juice.Now I have a Wi-Fi enabled laptop ,the office gave me,the LAN admin @ Office said may be it is WI-FI enabled,i checked the samsung website and this model is but i am not sure.How do i find out if it is or not secondly is the MT841 a WAP,next how do i configure the laptop and the MT841 to wi-fi with each other.Please help me