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Having problem wile connecting ETHERNET LAN

Recently I had got BSNL broadband service plan-250….and I have got Huawei – smartAX MT882 ADSL ROUTER from the service provider (BSNL)…..

service man from the bsnl had connected modem through USB port ….modem was working properly it shows orange light sign both for ADSL- link and USB…..
and then started WAN (wide area network) settings : wan type ppp, connection type pppoe and set username and password…….network work properly but when ever h I have to use service I have to on modem and automatically it starts local area connection...for disconnect to network wile working on PC I have to switch of the MODEM…..(that’s the only way..?) while doing so…comp hands up and creates problems while shutting it down….. don’t now why its happen….?

I have try to connect it through ETHERNET LAN ……lan line indicator LED and ADSL-link shows stady orange signal…..means line is clear and lan working properly…..and than create a new connection for broadband service- for type PPPOe……now problems starts ….while connecting it shows server not responding or limited access ….also I cant open up the is there any solution….is it possible to connect broadband service through dial up connection…?.....
hmmmm, do you first manually set your IP to (or .3) then after changing to PPPoE, enable DHCP server on the modem, then set your PC to "obtain IP automatically"....also check if your "DHCP Client" service (under windows xp control panel, admin tools, services) is set to automatic and its started (if ur on windows)