Mtnl- Huawei - Smartax Mt882 Adsl Cpe

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Hi,I have bought this CPE, when I was using BSNL connection in Bangalore. recently I have moved to mumbai. MTNL service men are asking me to buy one more CPE for MTNL. Can I use the same CPE for MTNL-Mumbai. If it can be used, pl advise me for change in required settings for the same. Rajesh Cheruvu
^ yes , you can use MT882 for MTNL Broadband .
you have to configure it Like any other MTNL modem
(for e.g. DSL 502T) . pls look at the following site :
it has the required documentation (user manual etc)

or pls use the search feature on this forum .
if you have any specific question , post here .
someone will respond .