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ok.. i consider hubs very very important... i can no longer connect to my hub because of some fxored up reason and the network enggn is retarded neway.

so i think its best if everyone posts all the hubs known somewehre and pin it up... also i would like to know what lan communication utilities everyone uses.. so far i've used ipmessenger and vypresschat.. if anyone knows any others let me know... i'd recommend vypress if you are starting a new hub.. thanks..

ps: i use sify and my ip is

Known Lan Chat Clients
Vypress chat

Known Hubs

Hub ip is
Hub name is KrYpToZ hUb!

Exatt users u will hav to change ur ip to something like, subnet mask to, default gateway to & DNS servers to &


the hub ip for dc++ is

between 6.00pm to 11.45pm everyday


some dc hubs in powai,mumbai†X€N Hu߆----------------Xan™'s HUB------------HASHED's HUB-----------Dawgyboy


Exattnet hub for Santacruz / bandra (pali hill) users

Hub address:
Login name: test
Password : test
Min Share: 20Gb

Avg Share Size = 800gb
Max Share = 1.7TB


From aniketvb (pm him if u have a problem)
I am from Andheri east
Recently my cablewalla has started to offer Sify ..
Since the last few days when i query pppoe services i get the following results

Access-Concentrator: VibesOnline
Service-Name: VibesOnline

Access-Concentrator: src001
Service-Name: src001

Access-Concentrator: 3star
Service-Name: cable

Access-Concentrator: VSNL_BRAS_1

So if there are any people using these pppoe services or can see any of them , then we are on the same LAN.
Let me know your Lan IP ranges so that we can setup a DC++ hub.


checkout our hubs in mulund west,,,,,


if you know of any client/hub not listed here please let me know and i'll edit it in...
DC++ hub for users in south MumbaiHub Ips:- Hub stays open from 8p.m. in the eve and 24hrs on holidays.
Exatt users dont have to put in the default Gateway.Its automatic for them(in PPPOE).This is only needed by SIFY users.Only the IP address range has to be the same.also try to put your subnet mask as as this will widen your reach on the network.