Hutch in Delhi NCR

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Just took their prepaid services. It sure is expensive. 1.5 rupee for SMS and 50 rupees for roaming every month! I would be going post paid next month... or Airtel. Unless someone say good words about this company...
Hutch is too damn expensive. I was charged a freakin "6 RUPEES PER MINUTE" for a call to 123 to subscribe to Caller Tunes. I have now been charged Rs.120 for calling up Hutch!! This is sh*t!!!!!!!DON'T GO FOR HUTCH UNLESS YOU ARE LIKE PRINTING CURRENCY OR SOMETHING!Hutch is Sify's younger Bro both in customer satisfaction and customer care!! 😛
duh. more disappointment. i want to ignore Airtel coz they send way too many sms based advertis€m€nts.
The same is the case with hutch, only there are no advts. They just keep bragging about their own achievments - "We have opened a new site in Phagwara"!! This came just now!! Well, WTF should I do then??
Sorry, here's more disappoinment!I forgot to mention one thing, Hutch has this service in which if ur cell phone is switched off or out of coverage area and someone cals u, hutch will log their no. When u switch ur fone on r come under the coverage zone, u get a msg frm them that u had a missed call at so so time and date. send get to 303 to receive details. Now u r charged if u send them a msg.What I have observed is that many ppl have not been able to get through to me even when I am in my own room with full signal strength. Instead I get a msg that I had a missed call. Now if I want to see the no., I must use their f**kin application and pay for it!!!What a nice way to make money!!! They won't disable it either!!
keep them coming. 🙂 we need to blast these mobile firms a bit more...

Ok heres more.The plan I had taken was that I had to pay 200 in the start for a connection. I would get 250 SMS free, Rs.50 rental for three months after that Rs.150, Discounted calls at 50p/min for the first 80 mins. Received none of these!!! SMS's are charged. They say they will cut at month end but how do I know they are not showing the wrong details??Now they say 250 SMS's are only free for the 1st three months! WTF, I was neva told that!!Local and National SMS are charged differently. So if I SMS within my circle it will cost me Re.1 but newhere else in India would cost me Rs.2!! That is sh*t!! With my BSNL prepaid I neva had to face such nonsense. I called up my dad in Jaipur (STD to mobile) and I was charged Rs.2.99 for 1 sec!!!!!!!!!!Even the discounts given are not correct!!And they call up everyday asking u to pay up!!
Seriously, Don't go in for HUTCh!!Go for the Govt. Servant Plan or corporate connection from Airtel. Kahin se pehchaan nikaalo!! 😉 Kissi bhi Govt. Employee ko keh do, he'll get u a connection in his name. Its damn cheap. U get around 200 SMS free / month for life!! Calls at 40P / min.!!!Jugaad paao aur aish karo!! 😛
Phir kis baat ki chinta hai!!!Your work is done! Go 4 Airtel Govt. Employee Plan.... u'll love it!!I wish I knew a govt. employee!! 🙁