Hyderabad Blackberry / HTC / Other QWERTY phone users -- need help

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I run a leading user research and design company in Hyderabad called Kern. We help mobile phone manufacturers design better phone interfaces. We are now helping a leading European company to design better phones with QWERTY keypads. To do this, we need your help!

All you need to do is appear for a user research session for 2 hours in our office in Secunderabad (near Park Lane) between 10 March and 16 March, 2008. We will ask you to perform certain tasks using a mobile phone and then ask questions for feedback. We will compensate you Rs. 2500 for your 2 hours time with us.

You must be a QWERTY keypad phone user to qualify (Phones like Blackberry, Nokia E series, HTC, Moto Q, etc.)

If you are interested in changing the way next generation phones are designed, please click the below link -- this will enable us to contact you for the research study.

Passionate about high end mobiles and cell phones, help us design one and get paid !

Alternatively, send me your name, current place of residence, phone model number, and a way to contact you.

Ripul Kumar
Director, User Research and Usability Consulting
Kern Communications Pvt. Ltd.
Kern Communications: Offshore Usability and eLearning Services from India