I Have Applied At Bsnl Office And Through Web

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guys i have applied for bsnl dataone broadband today at my local bsnl office.i have also applied through web.i live in kolkata.my question is that which one will they respond?i have applied for home 900 plus plan.has anyone of you applied through web and had got a connection?if yes how do you pay the instalation charge.today while i deposited the form they took rs500 for the new telephone because i have no landline and told me that the other instalation charges will come through my first bill.but people applying through web how they pay the first instalation charge?my last question is that i have yesterday applied through web and today i went to their office filled the form and deposited it and paid rs500,so will my bill come double as i have applied two times once through web and then by directly going to their office[local area office]?reply me please
[OT] [you could have posted this in the previous thread ...]
you should have informed the BSNL Official that you have
also applied thru online . Anyway , they should ignore your
online submission .
for charges details : http://bsnl.co.in/service/dataone_tariff.htm
O_O......Dewd why would they give you double bill? I do say that BSNL employees are lazy bunch but they definately are not morons. For One connection comes only one bill.
I applied. They did nothing to the web application.