I m screwed!

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Pune, India
airtel & RCOM
A dataone problem... again! I logged in at 02:09:54 AM.... and for some reason continued the session till 08:00:37AM. I hav downloaded 500MB during night! 😛 So will BSNL charge me for the WHOLE NIGHT OR only the 37 Seconds that have passed 8AM? I will be screwed. Before messing with BSNL Customer Care, i need advice. What should i do?
Dont worry you are safe. BSNL now distinguishes between the amount of data transferred between 2-8 and the rest. 😀
Even I messed up in a similar way, my session continued till 8:02 and 750MB was the datatransfer during that session. Now I have only 5MB for the month remaining. That's why my post is here at 3:41am :lol:Thanks arjeria,aps_ldh. Now I can surf in peace.
hey, thanks friends!now i can also surf in peace!besides Raptor, have anyone 1 of u done the same thing? (by mistake maybe?) huh? seriously, im not intrested in paying 600/- for just 1 nite.i will talk to bsnl abt this and will also let u ppl know abt this. 🙂

Whoa...sorry for my earlier post...But in the case of MTNl and all you have to relogin/logout....so I thought....Anyways sorry again...\m/